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Why did Saturn transform?

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Like Smoker right?

Obviously there are dozens more logia out there that we haven't been introduced to yet, if the Gorosei wanted one they could easily get it, but no for some reason they decided to eat Mythical Zoans...
Another thing about Mythical Zoans you can do a better team up on them since you don't need haki to hit them .
I wonder if later in the manga if Oda will to some teaming up vs the elders .
Devil fruits are not from devil or demons. It's wg lie, the true devil are the so called gods (Imu and the goroseis). I think this saturn transformation is not from a devil fruit, maybe an ancient power that we dont know
Could be..

There is a thing tho..
Vegapunk said Devil fruits are born from desires.
Desire (York) was traitor...

I wonder when will this play a role

Imu - Umibozu
Saturn - Ushioni
Ju Peter - Nure-on na? Big snake would make sense For on the ground
V. Nasujuro - Kamikiri? Only one I can quickly finding relating to cutting
Mars - Furaribi? One of the only birds I found so quickly
Warcury - His mustache is in the way who knows lmao
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