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Why did Saturn transform?

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Kizaru being Kizaru.
People overrated af Luffy when he need multiples rounds and help against Kaido.

Luffy reached his limit with his final form, Kizaru would have finished him if Saturn didn't appear.
How would Kizaru finish Luffy when he on ground.
This fight was never going have a winner people expect a full 1 on 1 and Oda off screen most of the damn fight and made game of tag .
Now Oda moving on to other things.


The only one who can beat me is me
How did we overrate Kaido again? Man was fighting and overpowering G5 Luffy while on his last legs. What are you on about.
Idk I'm not too confident in him anymore...Kaidou might have made us believe base Luffy was a solid top tier, whereas G4 looked tiers below Kiz.

Again, it may just be Kizaru is simply that difficult to face. And this doesn't apply to all top tiers, will have to wait and see how this arc plays out. But if Kiz vs Luffy is over here, then I can comfortably say Kizaru > Luffy.


This feel like lets get th ehell out of there situation .
Like yes RUN!
Kizaru wil get up im sure he is not finished the stars just mean he is stunne dlike kaido was after the first gear 5 combo .
Zoro is being stalled by lucci .
Its time to book it guys !
RUN the hell out of egg head !
Lmao bro trying so hard to cover up lol
Admiral wankers are immersed in their own fantasy world lol.
Papi Kizaru was huffing while getting scared like shit from the only punch he properly faced lol, now Ladmiral stans are claiming Kizaru won. KIzaru's position is not looking good.
Anyway Kizaru gonna sleep well in the island for few chapters and luffy coming back after he has recharged his gas.
It's time we see Zoro in action been a long time since we saw that.
10/10 chapter
Yeah, sure:

Luffy is KO;
Kizaru is not.

"ooh, Kizaru position is not good" :milaugh:

I guess Kizaru > Luffy is pretty much confirmed? Luffy cannot tag him enough/has the stamina to put him down?
Neither could Kizaru.

Idk if this is a Kizaru exclusive thing or this should apply to other Admirals, since he made G4 and it's fastest variant useless entirely.
Because he wasnt using ACoC likely preserving it.

G4 looked impressive against Kaidou, heck even G2 and base looked impressive.
Because he was using ACoC and Kaido was tanking hits as opposed to Kizaru who was blocking. Once Kaido wanted to dodge snakeman he did.

Did Kizaru rearrange the tier list?
Not really.
Gufitards..... A frivolous Kizaru who mainly hunts vegapank and is not focused on the fight defeats GufiNiku..... This is the end of condoms. Goofy trash..... Even with someone else's power of God
Kizaru after taking the attack is still talking in troll dialect. I don't know why I'm wasting time with you, you're on full copium rn, I'll leave you be.
"Did barely any damage"
Kizaru himself is exhausted and admits he's at his limits...
The dude is down from one single punch that connects

What did Kizaru do to Luffy?
Didn't damage G4, didn't dominate casual g5...can't even fight an hour vs Luffy 1v1 without being exhausted hard and be at his limits after basic moves
Damn 1094 Might actually be the best chapter in the arc from the colorspread to the ending of the chapter. Now we just need the Odas Art to cook.
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