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Why did Saturn transform?

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For people downplay Zoro cuz of King of Hell

Just remember neither Ashura nor King of Hell turns Zoro into an Old Man and King of Hell lasts a lot longer..likely Ashura does as well

@M944 @DonWick @Adamxero

In conclusion Zoro > Luffy = Old Rayleigh
KOH lasts longer based on what? People only bash Zoro for KOH because trolls like yourself tried to bash Luffy for using G5 on Lucci.

You have to realize a few things you aren’t going to make me like Zoro any less and you aren’t going to convince me to put Zoro over Luffy. I don’t debate with bias and I only bash Zoro to troll his toxic fans that bash every other character.
To add Kizaru has been super distracted while trying to achieve orders. Its best to wait and see how he'd fight Luffy fully focused.

This is the break in their fight to keep the arc going. Luffy always gets depowered before coming back into the fray when needed. Currently we dont know if Kizaru is even "hurt" or down yet. My guess is this scene with Sentoumaru is supposed to show his defense is something else:

Worst case, he's bloody, serious and lost his glasses I would assume.
Luffy is one that had the harder time since he had keep on running after the fastest man alive to save VP .
He even took attacks for him last chapter , in the summary it say that Kizaru .
Really Oda off screen there fight and get both of them out of the way to do other stuff .
Idk I'm not too confident in him anymore...Kaidou might have made us believe base Luffy was a solid top tier, whereas G4 looked tiers below Kiz.
The game changer was ACoC its what made Luffy into a top tier, and he hasnt used it yet even in G5.

Again, it may just be Kizaru is simply that difficult to face.
Eh he didnt seem difficult so far, just very slippery and hard to tag. Hence why Luffy went G5, to tag him.

And this doesn't apply to all top tiers, will have to wait and see how this arc plays out. But if Kiz vs Luffy is over here, then I can comfortably say Kizaru > Luffy.
This means Kaido> Luffy as well, because apparently G5 has a time limit.

Bear in mind Kaido fought 1010 Luffy toe to toe, then fought 1027 Luffy toe to toe then fought G5 Luffy toe to toe and even overpowered him . He simply was adjusting his power level as Luffy was powering up because he enjoys a good fight. Kizaru is on a mission so its not like hes trying to have a fun fight.
He was against Kaido too and he came back to G5 in 10 seconds after so su.
And had to sleep for an entire week after.

:josad:How do you defeat somebody whom you didn't knock out? Also you're the one who was down from his punch?

We dont say "kaido beat ryio g4" when g4 ran out on rooftop during SNs vs Rocks duo. That even Kaido who wasn't weakened
He only beat Luffy so afterwards with ragnarok

Kizaru is down, exhausted...how did he beat G5 if he didn't KO G5? Didn't even dominate?
And this is casual G5?
G5 is also down and exhausted. And Kizaru only got tagged cuz he went for Vegapunk.

He got one tapped by G5 (did Luffy even use ACoC)?
You don't believe this... right?

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