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Why did Saturn transform?

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Trusting my own reading comprehension and playing the long game. :myman:

Too good to be true but hey, if it happens, congrats on the prediction. :finally:

I said long ago that Saturn is a parallel to Satori.
First of the god's priests who falls earlier than the others...
And as we know, Satori fell to Sanji+Luffy.
So Sanjino might get to finish Saturn off.
Luffy is currently out of the picture
You might be coooking something haha
So I just thought of something. I'm getting Thriller Bark vibes from the spider that Brook and Robin fought, with Saturn's DF. What if Saturn is meant to be an Oars like boss this arc.

If that's the case, we know Luffy got a temporary powerup in Thriller Bark from the shadows, and what if that's going to happen here on Egghead.

Now obviously there is no shadows to power him up, but hear me out. WHAT IF, Bonney ages Luffy by 10-20 years, and his strength grow to what it would be at 30/40 years old?

So far we've only seen Bonney age people really old, or really young. What happens if she ages them to Prime age?

Bonus points. Bonney shares the same theme as the Big Mom pirates, and in Thriller Bark it was Lola who helped Luffy become nightmare Luffy with the shadows.
Maybe agying Luffy to his prime in 30s to 40s?
How would Kizaru finish Luffy when he on ground.
This fight was never going have a winner people expect a full 1 on 1 and Oda off screen most of the damn fight and made game of tag .
Now Oda moving on to other things.
Falling on the ground doesn't mean k.o. But for luffy it's said that he became an old man so he needs time to recharge.

and i agree with the second part of your post.


It is time to ask the question, if THIS is the effect that SATURN has upon transforming? Is a barely alive sick Cobra above Rear-Admirals?

Because he saw Saturn transform alongside Sabo. And his head sure did not blow up.
It's simply like spritual energy from bleach.
Saturn got some God tier conqueror haki.
Yeah, sure:

Luffy is KO;
Kizaru is not.

"ooh, Kizaru position is not good" :milaugh:
Luffy coming back after the limit is restored.
You don't have a single crew where Kizaru stands right now but according to the leaks both luffy and lizaru fell so it's never stated who KO'd who but one thing is for sure Kizaru's position doesn't look good.:cheers:
KOH lasts longer based on what? People only bash Zoro for KOH because trolls like yourself tried to bash Luffy for using G5 on Lucci.

You have to realize a few things you aren’t going to make me like Zoro any less and you aren’t going to convince me to put Zoro over Luffy. I don’t debate with bias and I only bash Zoro to troll his toxic fans that bash every other character.
Luffy turned an old man against Lucci
Zoro is barely tired
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