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Why did Saturn transform?

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This feel like lets get th ehell out of there situation .
Like yes RUN!
Kizaru wil get up im sure he is not finished the stars just mean he is stunne dlike kaido was after the first gear 5 combo .
Luffy is out of energy
Zoro is being stalled by lucci .
Its time to book it guys !
RUN the hell out of egg head !
Zoro gonna end lucci's career now that Luffy is in danger :suresure::suresure:
Luffy vs Kizaru :
  • Unnamed basic snakeman hits that Kizaru blocked
  • G5 throw
  • Offscreen basic g5 moves
  • G5 Dawn star punch which weakens Kizaru even more and brings him down
:gokulaugh: but Admirals can beat Kaido and BM 1v1
Oda has to make luffy use adhaki and top moves to weaken and beat Kaido,
Made Law and kid use their best moves to weaken and puhs BM to extreme diff

Kizaru did zero damage bar a bruise and is almost done from basic g4 and g5 moves (no adcoc, adcoa)
KOH lasts longer based on what? People only bash Zoro for KOH because trolls like yourself tried to bash Luffy for using G5 on Lucci.

You have to realize a few things you aren’t going to make me like Zoro any less and you aren’t going to convince me to put Zoro over Luffy. I don’t debate with bias and I only bash Zoro to troll his toxic fans that bash every other character.
You think Luffy low diffs zoro


The only one who can beat me is me
The game changer was ACoC its what made Luffy into a top tier, and he hasnt used it yet even in G5.

Eh he didnt seem difficult so far, just very slippery and hard to tag. Hence why Luffy went G5, to tag him.

This means Kaido> Luffy as well, because apparently G5 has a time limit.

Bear in mind Kaido fought 1010 Luffy toe to toe, then fought 1027 Luffy toe to toe then fought G5 Luffy toe to toe and even overpowered him at time. He simplay was adjusting his power level as Luffy was powering up because he enjoys a good fight. Kizaru is on a mission so its not like hes trying to have a fun fight.
Hopefully for Luffy's sake, and by extension Kaidou's....Kizaru looks significantly damaged or fatigued.

Fighting G5 should not be a walk in the park after forcing it out. Luffy has been super disappointing.
It's simply like spritual energy from bleach.
Saturn got some God tier conqueror haki.
Nah, come on man Oda just fucked up. Like, I am happy he retroactively gives Saturn this kind of hype do not get it twisted. But there is no fucking reason why Cobras head did not explode upon seeing not only Saturn but all other Gorosei and even IMU transform with the info we got now.
For people downplay Zoro cuz of King of Hell

Just remember neither Ashura nor King of Hell turns Zoro into an Old Man and King of Hell lasts a lot longer..likely Ashura does as well

@M944 @DonWick @Adamxero

In conclusion Zoro > Luffy = Old Rayleigh
How does KOH last longer when luffy can simple go back into G5 if want like the Kaido .
Of course that won't happen because Oda moving on to other stuff and off screen that stupid admiral vs luffy fight .
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