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Why did Saturn transform?

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Sasaki Kojirō

Luffy still can't beat fresh waido probably

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waido probably

He barely managed to beat a Kaidou who was kneeling in front of him because he was very tired, and who decided to face an attack head-on that he suggested he could avoid and ended Luffy's countermeasure so that he could not avoid the attack.

It took a fist the size of an island plus hundreds of other attacks to knock Kaidou + him carrying an island, while kizaru is being easily hit by Luffy and whimpering to his basic punches, there is no comparison the tired Kaidou bends kizaru, the fresh kaidou double the 3 admirals.
Hopefully for Luffy's sake, and by extension Kaidou's....Kizaru looks significantly damaged or fatigued.

Fighting G5 should not be a walk in the park after forcing it out. Luffy has been super disappointing.
Well he wasnt using ACoC last chapter either lets see if hes using it this chapter. He was literaly spamming it in Onigashima which makes the contrast jarring.
Luffy vs Kizaru :
  • Unnamed basic snakeman hits that Kizaru blocked
  • G5 throw
  • Offscreen basic g5 moves
  • G5 Dawn star punch which weakens Kizaru even more and brings him down
:gokulaugh: but Admirals can beat Kaido and BM 1v1
Oda has to make luffy use adhaki and top moves to weaken and beat Kaido,
Made Law and kid use their best moves to weaken and puhs BM to extreme diff

Kizaru did zero damage bar a bruise and is almost done from basic g4 and g5 moves (no adcoc, adcoa)
Stop throwing these pathetic attempts to downplay Kizaru.

The fight was awful, and in the end neither won against each other, and Luffy running out of stamina without using ACoC on Kizaru is asinine considering Redon's description of the attack, and that it was similiar to Kaido, who had ACoC.
Speed-based Logia Kizaru: Takes a Fairy Fist to the face while distracted, takes no injury

Physical power-based Zoan: Can’t react to Bonney’s slow ass, gets stabbed through the chest while staring directly at her, powerless to stop her

Guys as optimistic as I can be, it looks like Vice Admiral Blue Grass even did better against Bonney than Saturn did lol.

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Lorosei is not even VA level confirmed. :risiup:

No wonder they don't want to be seen, because otherwise they got exposed as frauds. :ihaha:

It is truly Gorosover. :risitameh:
Luffy coming back after the limit is restored.
You don't have a single crew where Kizaru stands right now but according to the leaks both luffy and lizaru fell so it's never stated who KO'd who but one thing is for sure Kizaru's position doesn't look good.:cheers:

- Luffy runs out of G5
- looks like an old man
- Kizaru simply got punched

But it's not good for Kizaru?

it seems this is 1092 again lol.
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