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Why did Saturn transform?

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Nasujuro the orphan of chaos :choppawhat:
Hopefully for Luffy's sake, and by extension Kaidou's....Kizaru looks significantly damaged or fatigued.

Fighting G5 should not be a walk in the park after forcing it out. Luffy has been super disappointing.
It was the same thing after the reveal of G4. People thought that Luffy was Invicible then Cracker happened.
When Luffy got FS, same. Then Apoo happened.

Every new power up some people try to gass up Luffy above every other top tier of the verse forgetting that Oda always write Luffy as the underdog. Therefore next with his new power up Luffy is jobbing.
If Oda gives Franky a moment against Saturn (ala brook vs BM) he is forgiven for all the s Franky sidelining post timeskip, even if it’s just next chapter I hope he’s got something substantial planned for him here (and I guess Sanji too)
Damn Kizaru really stalemated Luffy and he’s not a glass canon either he took that Adv coc attack that went through his head. I’m not gonna lie….if Kaido and Kizaru ever have a fight, THAT IS THE FIGHT OF KAIDOS LIFE. Can’t tell me otherwise….
Kizaru wins
Kizaru Mihawk and Rocks D Xebec > Prime Whitebeard Roger and Prime Rayleigh and Prime Shanks from 12 Years ago > Prime Garp = Akainu = Aokiji = Kaido = Current One Arm Yonko Shanks
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