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Why did Saturn transform?

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Wow so oda is really doing the

G5 vs Lucci

Both pass out or are hindered since one is k ocked out and the other is tired due to time limit

Then have zoro fight the same Lucci

For g5 luffy to fight kizaru for the exact same thing to happen again with both being to tired to fight.

To luffy having to rest

For zoro to fight the same opponent that luffy just fought lol
Luffy took another L -- check !

God form nika isn't invincible -- check!
Luffy takes L's. We've never seen an Admiral take an L and Kizaru was One Shot.

Luffy bros are immune to his L's because they ain't a big deal. Luffy is a super saiyan and comes back stronger with each defeat. The people Luffy beats never have their prestige restored.

Cope and seethe
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