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Why did Saturn transform?

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The Yonko were only rulers of the seas because the World Government allowed it. If they were actually serious, the Yonko and their crews would have been wiped from history a long time ago.
Kizaru after taking the punch: "Ohhh this is bad~"

Still talking in troll dialect, still conscious.

Luffy: Gassed out raisin form.

Verdict according to Yonkou fans: Kizaru lost

🤣 Y'all fucked up, all of y'all owe Kizaru an apology. Simple as that. He made Luffy look like a rookie again for most of egghead. I forgot that man was a Yonkou.
You are coping bad, I said before Lizaru is mentally retarded and he will always talk like that even when he is getting KOed , Lizaru ''trolling'' agenda is dead :suresure:
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