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Why did Saturn transform?

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Kitetsu Wanker
Of course he his. Who else do you think is claiming the ONE PIECE and becoming THE KING OF THE PIRATES?
All nice and good but that has nothing to do with being the strongest character in One Piece.
Roger found the treasure and became PK and we know about 2 guys factually stronger than him already.
Once OP is finished, Roger may not even be in top 10 of all times. PK is not that guy.

As if we didn't already see Luffy casually turning back into Gear Fifth after seemingly exhausting it before.

Just some drums and laughs and he can kick again.
Not sure how that would help him when he managed to do nothing vs Kizaru.
Even if he can do that couple of times, he aint getting anywhere.
Kizaru is casually keeping him in check.
Luffy is not created to be the strongest in the show because that is Zoro's one and only purpose.

Coc haki really is deadly zoro might destroy lizaru with koh flying dragon blaze @nik87 you might have been right the whole time :snoopy::crazwhat:
If Sabaody is happening reversed, Zoro will one-shot Kizaru and say:
>It only took one hit to take you out, you must have been very tired.
The same thing Kizaru told to Zoro. :myman:

Reminder that you bet your account on zkk
Wrong again. I bet my avatar pic. :milaugh:
Btw how does this help Godfy be top 1?
But his base and g2/3 looked impressive against Kaidou. He was damn near Hybrid Kaidou's equal without G4.

No one could have predicted Kizaru makes anything but G5 look useless, and heck even G5 is looking mid rn.

Seripys G2/g3 with adhaki and top moves
Seirous g4 with adhaki and top moves (including finisher)
Serious g5 with adhaki
That's after kaido faced retainers, Yamato and SNs at their best

Kizaru is not above weakened kaido even
Oda treating Kizaru like Cracker is to Katakuri...there's a clear gap
Weakened Kaido can match serious g5 in 2 rounds...can outlast be on his feet when g5 rounds out in round 1 while Kizaru is on the floor from g5 punch before it runs out.
Can actually beat serious G4 while Kizaru can't even damage g4 (no adhaki)
So the plan is zoro will defeat Lucci hence why oda hasn't had zoro go all out at all (0 headband etc).

Once he sees luffy exhausted he will rap up Lucci.

Saturn will fight vegapunk and his weaponry along side sanji, Bonney and maybe jimbe.

Kizaru will get up to end luffy now that he is exhausted with zoro stepping in to fight kizaru.

Zoro vs kizaru.

Zoro tells luffy to recuperate quickly so he can help the others against saturn.

Luffy recuperate but the others have already lost to saturn.

Gear 5 luffy vs Saturn

Luffy ends saturn with bargun

Zoro ends kizaru with koh ashura


You need mental help, :suresure: Teach wasn't an Emperor there, he didn't even have a ship and Sanjuan was in trouble, his crew wanted to leave.
Lmao you think Emperor teach and Teach that ran away have miles of difference when all he fought was Marco 😂😂😂😂.
You need medical attention instantly lol
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