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Why did Saturn transform?

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I highly doubt Luffy or Kizaru are done.

But if that was their whole fight then yeah that was crazy disappointing @T.D.A
One thing to look out for. If Luffy didnt get a doublespread on that move, its definitely not done lol.

Just a break. Trust me, this arc is lasting a minute because other things need to happen and Oda evidently cant have Luffy and Kizaru fight for the entire arc


Kizaru literally just took a punch, talked and then fell; was Kaido finished the hundred times it happened? Was Kaido finished here too?

It's just an Akainu-BB moment.

Now Saturn will talk, all in danger, Robot arrives and saves everyone, Luffy gets up again and then Kizaru arrives.
Dude doesn't matter. Kizaru shouldn't even be panting.
Lmao you think Emperor teach and Teach that ran away have miles of difference when all he fought was Marco 😂😂😂😂.
You need medical attention instantly lol
ZKKtard forgets his idol Mihawk retreat vs Viceadmirals and Vista


Pre-Emperor Teach didn't have a ship, it was not his island, Sanjuan and his crew was in trouble. There are tons of reason you clown.

Whats your excuse Mihawk retreating from his home island vs ViceAdmirals? :steef:
This chapter does wonders.

1. It proves gear 5 luffy slightly above admirals (since he was trying to protect vegapunk while fighting kizaru)

2. Luffy without receiving help lowering kaidos stamina was losing to kaido even with gear 5. So kaido > luffy like I have said.

3.the Gorosei > admirals
1. Tf are you talking about. Kizaru is not KO. You just talking

2. Kaido>Kizaru is true but Admirals and Yonkous same level.

3. If they over Admirals they are over Yonkous too
Now that's hype. I hoped Oda would reveal his fruit and here we are.
With that half human, half spider build he's pretty much the most wicked centaur like creature there is. That centaur speculation wasn't too far off I guess.

Hopefully he's the shit and that fruit has a great special ability. I would like to see a new top 10 strongest fruit.
There is no point in addressing the Yankers. They're so desperate it's honestly pitiful at this point.

The Yonkou that defeated Kaido just gassed out of this strongest form and did fuck all to Kizaru. Now they have to wank a separate force, this is actually so embarrassing.
I'm now confident Akainu can high diff Kaido, it wouldn't be an extreme diff.
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