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Why did Saturn transform?

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Sasaki Kojirō

You forget Kaido also ''defeated'' Luffy and turned him into an old man, afterwards he stood there watching him and let him restart his G5. This is Kaido that is not fresh by the way. Luffy stands 0 chance against a fresh Kaido. If the time limit is this short.
Kaido openly stated on RD1 that Gear 5 couldn't defeat him, but the issue here is that Kaido dominated Gear 5 and landed blows on him, as you can see in the panels below. Kizaru didn't do any of that. Luffy didn't lose to Kizaru; he lost due to the time limit, while Kaido was overpowering Luffy and causing him to exit Gear 5. In fact, before Gear 5 ran out, it was Kizaru who was being dominated and saying that as long as he kept fighting against Luffy, he wouldn't be able to fulfill his mission. And it's not like Luffy was defeated, since Kizaru did nothing more than, of course, take a beating.



ZKKtard forgets his idol Mihawk retreat vs Viceadmirals and Vista


Pre-Emperor Teach didn't have a ship, it was not his island, Sanjuan and his crew was in trouble. There are tons of reason you clown.

Whats your excuse Mihawk retreating from his home island vs ViceAdmirals? :steef:
Bro shifted mihawk because he got nothing in defense lol.
It's done the fight is over end in draw and off screen and it's time to run or Saturn take over .

I agree but no one expect Oda to off screen so much of G5 vs Admiral fight .
We have waited 100's of chapters for this and Oda off screen and show KO blow to get them out the plot LMAO .
The reason why g5 was offfscreened against an admiral is because that is not luffys main fight this arc. It's also why zoros fight with lucci is offscreened its not his main fight
A stalemate against the guy who killed Kaido is pretty good I’d say lmfao
Kizaru is powerful there’s no doubt in that. However, to be honest Luffy is the second weakest emperor so an admiral in his prime like Kiz showed have forced Luffy to new heights or at least that what I expected and not huffing this quick after a short fight against a brand new top tier. Nevertheless, I don’t think or at least hope the fight isn’t over.
It will be worst high tier battle Oda off screen a gear 5 and admiral fight and made into a game of tag .
Now KO both of them to move plot forward .
Kizaru constantly running away from Luffy is actually embarrassing for both the battle and plot. He can’t even kill or KO Usopp that’s how pointless his escapades have been.
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