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Why did Saturn transform?

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Luffy was the one who failed to get past Lucci and turned into Old Man and Lucci still thinks Luffy is too weak to be Yonko
He's scared shitless of Zoro and wait till he one shots him.

Wanna bet? Lucci won't even survive one named attack.
Zoro's already in KoH using ACoC. What more do you want from the poor guy. Give him a break.

He'll defeat Lucci max diff soon enough

If Zoro won against Lucci that directly confirms Zoro > Luffy
no ifs buts and ors because Luffy OBJECTIVELY lost to Lucci


Lucci was standing
Luffy was an old man incapable of moving by his own admission

That heart beat reverse cheat code doesn't work anymore...that was only because of Nika Joy Boy's residual Haki he got in Wano


The reason why g5 was offfscreened against an admiral is because that is not luffys main fight this arc. It's also why zoros fight with lucci is offscreened its not his main fight
I agree with Zoro but not Luffy. He is already at his limit. And Oda showed him starting at base. Going g4. And now g5. He just has one more activation. And enough of fights. It's over. There is no reason for that anymore. Saturn being at Egghead is a huge red flag because he has authority over everything. Once Seraphim are released its over. They have to run and everything is already set for that.
Isn't Kizaru supposed to be bleeding from a Yonko attack??
How high do Yonko fans actually rate Admiral fans for them to think Kizaru has to be spotless.

Of course he might be bleeding, he isn't untouchable.

Lee Ba Shou

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Yes let’s fg all that transpired on the roof before that final clash🫤
Seeing as how everything that happened prior to Luffy unlocking Gear 5 is irrelevant, this is good. You should forget this. Lol

The whole fight was badly done, neither side went all out and now its on pause cause Luffy is in old man mode whereas I expect Kizaru to get up and try to go for VP again @Kurozumi Wiwi @EmperorKinyagi @Elder Lee Hung
Yeah the entire fight was a complete meme. At some point (Wano) Oda decided (correctly) he wasn’t a good enough writer to write climactic battles so now he’s just writing everything in troll mode and claiming that criticism of his mid tier manga makes him happy lol.

Luffy is the second weakest emperor
How do y’all come up with this shit lmfao. This dude literally beat Kaido.
Stop throwing these pathetic attempts to downplay Kizaru.

The fight was awful, and in the end neither won against each other, and Luffy running out of stamina without using ACoC on Kizaru is asinine considering Redon's description of the attack, and that it was similiar to Kaido, who had ACoC.
Are you done coping?

The fight is awful because Oda has to save Admirals hype a bit by making Luffy not use adhaki the whole fight bar once (this dawn attack)

Getting exhausted from fighting casula g5 and fs-g4 is something below what weakened kaido and normal BM can do
Zoro's already in KoH using ACoC. What more do you want from the poor guy. Give him a break.

He'll defeat Lucci max diff soon enough

Zoro never uttered the words "King of Hell"
Luffy uttered the words "Gear 5th"
And Luffy calls Gear 5th what? "Peak of My Power"

So Zoro is basically taking Lucci as seriously as he took Monet, at best Pica
Luffy went all out..he confirmed he went all out


Little bitch :suresure::suresure::suresure::suresure::milaugh::milaugh::milaugh::milaugh:
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