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Why did Saturn transform?

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Zoro never uttered the words "King of Hell"
Luffy uttered the words "Gear 5th"
And Luffy calls Gear 5th what? "Peak of My Power"

So Zoro is basically taking Lucci as seriously as he took Monet, at best Pica
Luffy went all out..he confirmed he went all out


Little bitch :suresure::suresure::suresure::suresure::milaugh::milaugh::milaugh::milaugh:
Aren't you a Zoro fan? You don't know what KoH looks like?

Seems like coping and seething to extreme levels at this point

How will transpire?

You think Luffy will never clash even once with Gorosei? The first thing Gorosei said after stepping onto the Island was "Nika" lol.

Because the other two fights simply seemed like stalling for time, Kizaru v. Luffy so far was troll Yonko & troll Admiral.
Same for Lucci v. Zoro too.
Clash maybe but not a full on fight, you still got BB pirates and the robot to play out
Zoro's been fighting this whole time. You think two panels means they's only been fighting 2 seconds????


Zorotards don't even have reading comprehension apparently.
Whole time? Dude they are fighting like 5min. This was probably the time Luffy took to warm up with Lucci in base before going g5
Final villain Saint Jay Garcia Saturn showd up with an explosion of black lightning and fire (confirmed Haoshoku coating?).

Once he speaks, everybody turns up.

The Vice Admirals announce that you cannot look at Saturn directly if you're Rear Admiral rank or below and the person that does it has his head explode.

My God, this is some Family Leader shit.

Traumerei appearance kind of hype.

@MonsterKaido, @NAMELESS, @Haoshoku, @Shadowlord123.

Low key the vibes Traumerei gave when he appeared and the Top Branch Leaders commanded that you should not look at him or even try to imagine his appearance.

Or when Gustang appeared and people's eyes started burning up.

Saturn is wild.

This is the kind of last boss energy I live for.
It was awesome stuff , i just sorry that luffy vs Kizaru fight get nerf for it .
Still there 5 of these fucker and imu my god lol .
Weakened Kaido was on his feet, wasn't done after g5 attacks coated with CoC & adcoa.
G5 ran out while kaido was on his feet...

Kizaru started out fresh against g5 yet exhausted after casual attacks and down after 1 serious punch from G5 that comects lol
G5 brings kizaru down before it runs out

:suresure:Weakened Kaido > Kizaru so far
"B-But Luffy ran out of G5 so Kizaru won!"
Boy I tell ya, if Kizaru is bleeding heavily from any of this shit and Luffy is taken out of G5, then it's Doffy vs G4 all over again.
Just an FYI for people shitting on Kizaru. If you have reading comprehension, you can see Kizaru says "Ohh this is bad", likely commenting on Saturn arriving, AFTER getting punched.

Clearly Saturn is scary, but Kizaru is also not down.
If he was commenting on Saturn Redon would probably highlighted it, no reason to say that after taking a punch when Saturn was already there before.
Luffy vs Kizaru sucks
Nobody can deny that

It still doesn't change the fact Weakened Kaido >~ Admirals is confirmed
Except this is not true at all.

You actually expect Luffy (without managing to defeat Kizaru) gassing out in stamina and still holdback his powers when he can put all of his crew in risk? Especially with Saturn now? Come on.
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