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Why did Saturn transform?

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You have been flip flopping so much during this thread changing your mind every second:ihaha:
I've been pretty clear, it's either Emperors = Admirals > Gorosei or Gorosei > Emperors = Admirals.

Saturn stepped on an island an instantly made both an emperor AND an admiral sweat.

I think it's pretty clear what Oda is going for there lol
Seeing as how everything that happened prior to Luffy unlocking Gear 5 is irrelevant, this is good. You should forget this. Lol

Yeah the entire fight was a complete meme. At some point (Wano) Oda decided (correctly) he wasn’t a good enough writer to write climactic battles so now he’s just writing everything in troll mode and claiming that criticism of his mid tier manga makes him happy lol.

Remember when I told you Kizaru will survive this? I was right.

How do y’all come up with this shit lmfao. This dude literally beat Kaido
Given how G5 has an obvious time limit, he cannot beat fresh Kaido just like hes having trouble with fresh Kizaru. Now the question is will Kizaru just leave him be while hes in old man mode just like Kaido was just staring at him and waiting for him to get back up or what.

This is good for the story imo. G5 is too strong so it having drawbacks means that Luffy can be a top tier now while still keeping the coming fights interesting and giving him room for growth.
Will Gorosei push Sanji hard enough to use exoskeleton and Ifrit Jambe?
I think he unlocks CoC here and Saturn takes note of him potentially having Lunarian DNA or something. Kuma and the giant robot are on the way to join the battle. Gotta imagine Saturn will target Luffy at some point, perhaps opening the way for the two to switch (Luffy takes on Saturn, while Sanji goes against Kizaru)
You can clearly see Zoro using ACoC and Luffy not. The manga has pictures with which you use your eyeballs to see.

Poor blind-kun. I'll be your eyes for you. I will tell you what's happening right now infact... Zoro is struggling with a fodder while Luffy just one shot an Admiral.

I hope your vision returns soon
Yes using eyes balls since advanced coc is depicted as tons of black lightning luffy used more advanced coc than zoro since we see a shit ton of black lightning from luffy when he clashed with Lucci and when he hit kizaru in base. Carry on smartly
You are coping bad, I said before Lizaru is mentally retarded and he will always talk like that even when he is getting KOed , Lizaru ''trolling'' agenda is dead :suresure:
And Kizaru didn't even have the "~" in his sentence

"Kizaru is still conscious"
He missed the part Redon says "both are falling down..."
Kizaru is down from the attack while Luffy is down because of g5 time limit
(Also Luffy isn't unconscious...He turned only old)

Zenzu is coping hard
He thinks Kizaru did something here
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