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Why did Saturn transform?

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Kizaru is not that good with one named Gear 5 move

Lucci fully endured two named Gear 5 moves
Needing a third one to be temporarily KOed

And in both cases Luffy was totally tired out of Gear 5

Just sayan...
Most of this shit was off screen who know how many attack each take .
We just see the KO to get both of them out the plot .

Lee Ba Shou

Conqueror of the Stars
How tf is getting his internal damage from law fighting coc Yamato holding up an island fighting luffy 3 different times is irrelevant kizaru ass isn’t even making it past overkong gun
What’s worse: taking attacks from Law and Mid and Okiku, or taking clubbings from Kaido?

Luffy was in far worse shape than Crydo was and still won the fight anyway.

And a stronger version of that Luffy arguably can’t even stalemate Kizaru (we still need panels) lol
Yes using eyes balls since advanced coc is depicted as tons of black lightning luffy used more advanced coc than zoro since we see a shit ton of black lightning from luffy when he clashed with Lucci and when he hit kizaru in base. Carry on smartly
Zoro has little black lighting because he's not as strong as actual top tiers. Cope and seethe friend
"IF" Zoro wins, you say so yourself


His own fans don't even have faith in him
He may or may not win
But if he win that directly confirms Zoro > Luffy and ends Zoro and Luffy debate

The only way we can argue between Luffy and Zoro is if Zoro also loses like Luffy and turns into an old man after giving Lucci a 2 second nap
How do y’all come up with this shit lmfao. This dude literally beat Kaido
Defeated him after what!! Or do you only count the fight from G5 onwards… the damage Kaido before facing Luffy in 1v1 and Luffy coming back from 2 defeats and death just to continue fighting is forgotten? In a rematch Kaido would dominate and win against current Luffy at least once or twice before Luffy is strong enough to win in a 1v1 from start to finish.
It's done the fight is over end in draw and off screen and it's time to run or Saturn take over .

I agree but no one expect Oda to off screen so much of G5 vs Admiral fight .
We have waited 100's of chapters for this and Oda off screen and show KO blow to get them out the plot LMAO .
Simply because Kizaru vs Luffy happened to give certain hype to the arc. Nothing serious. And Kizaru was never for Luffy.
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