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Why did Saturn transform?

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Remember when I told you Kizaru will survive this? I was right.

Given how G5 has an obvious time limit, he cannot beat fresh Kaido just like hes having trouble with fresh Kizaru. Now the question is will Kizaru just leave him be while hes in old man mode just like Kaido was just staring at him and waiting for him to get back up or what.

This is good for the story imo. G5 is too strong so it having drawbacks means that Luffy can be a top tier now while still keeping the coming fights interesting and giving him room for growth.
People forget this happened with:
G3 Luffy vs Lucci
G4 vs Doffy
G4 vs Katakuri
G4 vs Kaidou
And G5 vs Kaidou
But how come they never say any of those opponents are superior to Luffy because he reached the time limit on G5, while they do it for Kizaru?
How peculiar.
Not to mention, a common theme with these is that Luffy knocks his opponent clean out for a minute/stuns them badly and then his form deactivates.
Against Kaidou this never happened as, well, Kaidou is Kaidou. Lol. But it happened with nearly everyone else.
Now, if this is the case with Kizaru, then there will be no excuses. Luffy > Kizaru is confirmed.

Fully recovered but still has damage marks? :gokulaugh:

Why Luffy's bounty is lower than Teach's?
He is dirty. Just that. And we cleared see how Gorosei tried to lowered his bounty and not revealing his g5 form. Kid and Law just proofed to not be 3bi worth. So Luffy worth way more. He beated Kaido so he worth more than Kaido. He is around 5bi mark already.
Keep coping lol.

BB ran away , he needed a ship , Akainu came with one. 😂😂😂
And bro decided to run away

Even while crew can't take on BB
Did you zkktard learn when Teach become a Yonko? :kuzanshut: Lakainu would sink the ship so they couldn't get it even after beating him, everything including ship would be damaged clown.


The only one who can beat me is me
Zoro looks kinda bad too unfortunately

Not as bad as Luffy but still bad
Luffy looks worse than Zoro, honestly. Like this dude has no shot at even pushing Kizaru to high diff from the look of things.

Anything outside of G5 useless, and then G5 finished after a few minutes of fighting? Will he drain away at his lifespan just to give Kizaru a decent fight?

How tf is he gonna beat him this way?


Kitetsu Wanker
Their mc hogging everything doesn't seem exciting anymore i guess :suresure:
Luffybros logic: A "stronger" toy appeared on the island, we can discard the old toy. :rolaugh:
What they missed is that their boy wasnt strong enough to beat the old toy and now Zoro has to show how it is done.

Luffy is indeed created to be the strongest in the show. He will be the conqueror atop conquerors and he has explicitly stated his intention of becoming stronger than anyone else since that's required for his ideal of freedom.

Zoro's only purpose is to be the strongest swordsman. If you aren't going to debate following manga facts then don't answer me.
I have advised Luffybros for years and years to open their eyes to the truth but you refuse it.
I will not stop you from believing whatever you want. All I can say is this:
Watch what Zoro does to Kizaru who Luffy couldnt beat with a full round of his god mode.

By being the strongest swordsman, Zoro is the strongest in the whole world.
This is the detail that keeps escaping you because Oda has fooled you with the word swordsman.

Gorosei Informer


WTF is this chapter, holy fuck Oda?! Saturn made a Marines head explode by the Marine seeing him?! WTF?!

Those vice admirals are "certainly interesting", ride ride fruit, really Oda? At least it's not Dolls fruit lmao.

Shimotsuki colour spread FTW too!

Bonneys near death experience attack sounds epic, I love stuff like that! It reminds me of theories of Mihawk showing you a false or your expected future using AdvCoO like showing you how he's gonna kill you especially!

Holy fuck Oda, no wonder you said the real story begins now!
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