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Why did Saturn transform?

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Luffy looks worse than Zoro, honestly. Like this dude has no shot at even pushing Kizaru to high diff from the look of things.

Anything outside of G5 useless, and then G5 finished after a few minutes of fighting? Will he drain away at his lifespan just to give Kizaru a decent fight?

How tf is he gonna beat him this way?
How would you rank Zoro's portrayal?
I think he looked very good and much better than Luffy before starting his fight with Lucci

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Defeated him after what!! Or do you only count the fight from G5 onwards… the damage Kaido before facing Luffy in 1v1 and Luffy coming back from 2 defeats and death just to continue fighting is forgotten? In a rematch Kaido would dominate and win against current Luffy at least once or twice before Luffy is strong enough to win in a 1v1 from start to finish.
Bro Luffy took several clubbings from Kaido. Kaido took some papercuts from Okiku.

What drugs are you doing to think Kaido was in worse shape than Luffy lmfao.
Not happened
One time he got Nika's risidual Haki
he doesn't have it anymore
He's on his limit
Kizaru said it
Luffy agreed


Stop quoting me on this
Luffy is weak as fuck and Zoro one shots him
You don't get to call END OF STORY after stating made up bullshit like Luffy using Nika's risidual (sic) haki, hahaha.

How hard must it be to think Zoro is actually stronger, or even worst, that stronger than the main character who will become the conqueror atop conquerors, whose role has always been to defeat the strongest threat, who was stated as the only one capable of defeating Kaidou, who needed to stop Lucci or he'd go murder his crew, who was compared by the strongest creature to his own top of strongest...

...and, among other things, who has actually stated his intention of becoming the strongest person in the world, unlike Zoro.

Indeed, "stop quoting me", hahahaha. Man, what a mess you've always been.
Remember when I told you Kizaru will survive this? I was right.

Given how G5 has an obvious time limit, he cannot beat fresh Kaido just like hes having trouble with fresh Kizaru. Now the question is will Kizaru just leave him be while hes in old man mode just like Kaido was just staring at him and waiting for him to get back up or what.

This is good for the story imo. G5 is too strong so it having drawbacks means that Luffy can be a top tier now while still keeping the coming fights interesting and giving him room for growth.
Luffy and Kizaru will stil bel down for a while .
It's saturn time to shin so oda off screen there fight but let us see them semi KO blow.
Kizaru literally just took a punch, talked and then fell; was Kaido finished the hundred times it happened? Was Kaido finished here too?

It's just an Akainu-BB moment.

Now Saturn will talk, all in danger, Robot arrives and saves everyone, Luffy gets up again and then Kizaru arrives.
:suresure:still crying
Kaido wasn't wheezing hard and claiming "im at my limits, if this continues u can't accomplish what I want"
Kaido wasn't on the floor when g5 ran out

Round 1 of g5 :
Weakened kaido vs G5 ended with Kaido being even to g5 and on his feet.
Kizaru vs G5 ended with kizaru on the floor because he got punched after admitting he's at his limits.

Round 2 will be a total victory for Luffy.
Maybe Luffy uses adhaki with g4 to win. Cause serious g5 will low diff Kizaru in round 2


Did the spoiler say that both luffy and kizaru are tired? Yes

Is the job of the admirals not to protect the gorosei and the celestial dragons? Yes

Is kizaru capable of doing that currently? No.

If kizaru was there would be 0 reason for saturn to even step in lol
Wtf are you talking? Lol.

Kizaru is totally capable of protect Saturn yet.

Saturn wasn't in danger. He is saving the other marines.
People forget this happened with:
G3 Luffy vs Lucci
G4 vs Doffy
G4 vs Katakuri
G4 vs Kaidou
And G5 vs Kaidou
But how come they never say any of those opponents are superior to Luffy because he reached the time limit on G5, while they do it for Kizaru?
How peculiar.
Not to mention, a common theme with these is that Luffy knocks his opponent clean out for a minute/stuns them badly and then his form deactivates.
Against Kaidou this never happened as, well, Kaidou is Kaidou. Lol. But it happened with nearly everyone else.
Now, if this is the case with Kizaru, then there will be no excuses. Luffy > Kizaru is confirmed.
We still need a Kizaru-Vegapunk flashback and there's definitely more content for him in this arc.

He's 100% not down that's just agenda heads talking

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Yankosisters are really dumb today smh
I'm going to sleep so can someone explain them that seeing stars is a well-known visual effect of being stunned in old cartoons and the fact Kizaru got it mean he can't be knocked-out. (Did they even watch cartoons as children? 🤔)

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I haven't read anything in this thread yet but...
1- Saturn is FUCKING DOPE.

2- Kizaru outlasted Luffy even if the attacks were getting to him, and he wasn't even focusing on him.

3- Are people still saying Luffy hasn't been using aCoC in G5 all along? It's just like during Kaido's fight, Oda just skips the effects half of the time.
The alternite is that Luffy is an idiot and he's deserves the big L he just took.
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