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Why did Saturn transform?

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Lee Ba Shou

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Strange, did you not read the spoilers where Luffy goes out of G5 and in his old aftereffect and Kizaru simply took a punch?
Did you miss the part where Kizaru is down on the floor from the attack and g5 ran out

Is that Kizaru beating g5?
I guess Doffy was able to beat g4 too since g4 ran out after he got wrecked baldy by it and was on the floor seeing heavens

Luffy going out of g5 or g4 =/= lost (got KOed by the opponent

Kaido didn't beat Ryuo G4 when g4 ran out at rooftop
He only beat G4 once at rooftop when drunk kaido koed adcoc g4.

Kaido didn't beat G5 when g5 ran out before his eyes even tho kaido was on his feet

So why would kizaru be given a W for doing nothing like what kaido even did?
1.Shitty reserves? Kizaru still not defeated bro. Want to make a avi bet he not KO and will be in the next chapter
1. Did kizaru complete his mission? No
2. Has kizaru protected the other marines so that Saturn didn't have to get involved? No

3. Did kizaru save the other vegapunk or got info on the machine that they were planning on carrying? No

4 as a result Did Saturn have to get involved himself? Yes

There is 0 W in this for kizaru


Emperors can fight for days as well, but as you can see when it comes to fighting on screen fights dont last long. That is because Oda isnt gonna draw a 10 days long fight.
He can. Just have a panel saying they were fighting like this for 10 days. Done.
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