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Why did Saturn transform?

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And what is Lucci doing right now lol?

The point is moot. Hes saying this is bad for a reason. He was supposed to achieve an order that he is failing to do
You are just changing your take rightnow lol
Lucci was incapacited that time, Kizaru probably is here too, them coming back later means nothing.
Neither Luffy or Kizaru were going for the kill in that fight just like Luffy toyed with Lucci.


The only one who can beat me is me
How would you rank Zoro's portrayal?
I think he looked very good and much better than Luffy before starting his fight with Lucci
Rn Luffy was just brought back down to Earth. This is the first time I fell for Luffy hype post arc. I have historically believed Luffy is not even close to as strong as the fanbase likes to believe and he only gets humbled the next arc. But this time I was on board and I blame Kaidou for that. He made Luffy look good. Even in base.

Zoro's portrayal is fine, especially when you account for Luffy's trash performance. If this is how a fight with a Yonkou and Admiral goes this is embarrassing for the Yonkou, deadass felt like Luffy was treated like a rookie pirate.

I genuinely want Luffy to go out better than this, this almost makes Wano feel pointless. Even if Kizaru ends up being superior to Kaidou, not like this...this is a joke.
Why is everyone assuming Kizaru is K.O? luffy went down because of stamina, Kizaru was yeeted by the attack, if he was defeated there I think it would had been highlighted like most antagonist when defeated

I want to see the raws
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