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Why did Saturn transform?

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1. Having drawback is you being weak. If Luffy had higher endurance/Stamina he would be able to maintain his form. That his fault.

2.they are
He can go back into but he won't for plot reasons same way how we not see much haki for whole fight for plot reason .
Oda can do what ever he wants this like G4 SBS question when someone ask how luffy could run in WCI after G4 and Oda said he would have been able to in DR but he just let people carry him .
All this shit of endurance/Stamina don't mean shit when Oda can be inconsistent as he wants .


Luffy fights are always shorter.

But don't worry, this is just a little stop to see Saturn. We did not even see Kizaru named move lol, it is clear as a day the fight is not finished.
Dude there is barely not enough fight. They will just run now. It's over.
ACoC is clearly visible when used even in G5.
Not always, or Luffy wouldn't have been capable of hurting Kaido with every single G5 technique, yet even the first punch (similar to the one he used on Kizaru this chapter) affected Kaido.

And the alternative to accepting that is accepting Luffy has been an idiot this fight and for some reason chose not to use aCoC even if it meant losing the fight and potentially dying.
I'm not gonna hold you bro, I think Gorosei > admirals and emperors agenda is basically canon now.

Might have to fully commit to Gorosei wank.
This chapter confirmed that Gorosei being combattants is NOT hidden and a known fact as Saturn joining the battlefield is announced publicly, if any this confirms admirals are indeed superior.
And while Oda had Luffy react to how powerful Kizaru is, this time it is about how unusual Saturn aura is. Gorosei might have some weird demonic shit going on but in raw power they'll need actual feats.
1. Did kizaru complete his mission? No
2. Has kizaru protected the other marines so that Saturn didn't have to get involved? No

3. Did kizaru save the other vegapunk or got info on the machine that they were planning on carrying? No

4 as a result Did Saturn have to get involved himself? Yes

There is 0 W in this for kizaru
1. So what?? 🤣
2. Once again so what. Kizaru kicked Luffy friend bonney and choked up Ussop. Whats your point.
3. Who cares we are talking about Powerscaling not objectives.
4. So
Zoro needs your support to beat fodder Lucci. Please focus on that :milaugh:
Notice how he's now repeating same shit
Remember the dude that turned Luffy using his maximum power and the power he will never surpass officially lost to Lucci

Same Lucci will get one shot by base form of Zoro without AdvCoC without King of Hell and without Ashura

Zoro is at least 3 tiers above Luffy
Rn Luffy was just brought back down to Earth. This is the first time I fell for Luffy hype post arc. I have historically believed Luffy is not even close to as strong as the fanbase likes to believe and he only gets humbled the next arc. But this time I was on board and I blame Kaidou for that. He made Luffy look good. Even in base.

Zoro's portrayal is fine, especially when you account for Luffy's trash performance. If this is how a fight with a Yonkou and Admiral goes this is embarrassing for the Yonkou, deadass felt like Luffy was treated like a rookie pirate.

I genuinely want Luffy to go out better than this, this almost makes Wano feel pointless. Even if Kizaru ends up being superior to Kaidou, not like this...this is a joke.
Luffy is strong its just that this fight wasnt even a fight, just random running and Kizaru trying to get past Luffy whereas Luffy is trying to keep him away. I wanna see if Luffy can restart G5 again like he did against Kaido before judging.
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