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Why did Saturn transform?

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1. Did kizaru complete his mission? No
2. Has kizaru protected the other marines so that Saturn didn't have to get involved? No

3. Did kizaru save the other vegapunk or got info on the machine that they were planning on carrying? No

4 as a result Did Saturn have to get involved himself? Yes

There is 0 W in this for kizaru
It is looking that way. Saturn even got stabbed. Even if Kizaru gets back to HQ, he will be demoted.
Did you miss the part where Kizaru is down on the floor from the attack and g5 ran out

Is that Kizaru beating g5?
I guess Doffy was able to beat g4 too since g4 ran out after he got wrecked baldy by it and was on the floor seeing heavens

Luffy going out of g5 or g4 =/= lost (got KOed by the opponent

Kaido didn't beat Ryuo G4 when g4 ran out at rooftop
He only beat G4 once at rooftop when drunk kaido koed adcoc g4.

Kaido didn't beat G5 when g5 ran out before his eyes even tho kaido was on his feet

So why would kizaru be given a W for doing nothing like what kaido even did?
Lol, so:

- Luffy runs out of G5
- looks like an old man
- Kizaru simply got punched

Btw, if one fighter uses a form that leaves him incapacitated and the other outlasts him, yes, he has won.

Against Kaido Luffy was able to come back right after, let's see now.
You are just changing your take rightnow lol
Lucci was incapacited that time, Kizaru probably is here too, them coming back later means nothing.
Neither Luffy or Kizaru were going for the kill in that fight just like Luffy toyed with Lucci.
No i didnt?

Just an FYI for people shitting on Kizaru. If you have reading comprehension, you can see Kizaru says "Ohh this is bad", likely commenting on Saturn arriving, AFTER getting punched.

Clearly Saturn is scary, but Kizaru is also not down.

You are the one assuming this is him "fading into consciousness" like Lucci lol. Maybe wait for pics. The fact is we go from:

- Scene A: Kizaru is falling and saying this is bad
- Scene B: Saturn looking up at him and Luffy.

Simple math bro
Bro Luffy took several clubbings from Kaido. Kaido took some papercuts from Okiku.

What drugs are you doing to think Kaido was in worse shape than Luffy lmfao.
So these paper cuts that Luffy contributed none of count for nothing? Zero damage at all?

and you say I’m on drugs lol.

No matter how you look at it, Kaido bleeding over and over and receiving a scar from attacks by nearly 10 people(outside of Luffy) count as damage that Luffy didn’t contribute into that nevertheless helped the MC win.
Notice how he's now repeating same shit
Remember the dude that turned Luffy using his maximum power and the power he will never surpass officially lost to Lucci

Same Lucci will get one shot by base form of Zoro without AdvCoC without King of Hell and without Ashura

Zoro is at least 3 tiers above Luffy
Please support Zoro. I'm begging you. At least have faith in him.
Rn Luffy was just brought back down to Earth. This is the first time I fell for Luffy hype post arc. I have historically believed Luffy is not even close to as strong as the fanbase likes to believe and he only gets humbled the next arc. But this time I was on board and I blame Kaidou for that. He made Luffy look good. Even in base.

Zoro's portrayal is fine, especially when you account for Luffy's trash performance. Is this is how a fight with a Yonkou and Admiral goes this is embarrassing for the Yonkou, deadass felt like Luffy was treated like a rookie pirate.

I genuinely want Luffy to go out better than this, this almost makes Wano feel pointless. Even if Kizaru ends up being superior to Kaidou, not like this...this is a joke.
This is why admiral fans are just delusional

Making yourself believe nonsense

"Luffy looked like rookie pirate"
A rookie pirate that stopped kizaru from accomplishing his mission many times
And made Kziaru exhausted while being casual and kizaru is almost done

If Luffy is rookie, then Kizaru is what? Pathetically weak
Kizaru himself admits fs-g4 is too much for him to beat/handle, then admits he can't keep fighting casual g5 for long ..he's almost done.

You "kizaru made Luffy look like a rookiec
Not always, or Luffy wouldn't have been capable of hurting Kaido with every single G5 technique, yet even the first punch (similar to the one he used on Kizaru this chapter) affected Kaido.

And the alternative to accepting that is accepting Luffy has been an idiot this fight and for some reason chose not to use aCoC even if it meant losing the fight and potentially dying.
Its literally always shown, the streaks I mean.

That punch had ACoC infused in it.


𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐭
Rear admiral or less explode whooooo what!???!??
Coby dies from glaring at Saturn lmfao
Eh, it's probably a haki thing. Coby's haki is stronger than many Vice Admirals.

They first showed how powerfull Saturn is. Then later on shit on him with Bonney stabbing him?! What the hell is wrong with chapter?
Rear Admirals are Usopp level characters tbh. Bonney stabbing him is much worse..
Scabbards stabbed Kaido.
1. So what?? 🤣
2. Once again so what. Kizaru kicked Luffy friend bonney and choked up Ussop. Whats your point.
3. Who cares we are talking about Powerscaling not objectives.
4. So
1. He didn't do his job nor did he complete his mission

2. Congrats he couldn't even take out fodder members of luffys crew

3. What power scaling? He is being protect by saturn at this point so gorosei > admirals
The fact that when he stepped on the island, Luffy, Kizaru, Zoro, Lucci, and Sanji all immediately look shocked and sweat.

It's like Ichigo with Kenpachi at 0:15

Or like Sukuna with Uro and Ryu.

Seems like Saturn is possibly tiers above Luffy and Kizaru if Im imagining the description right.
It sure seems like Saturn and Shanks have the same scope/impact of presence.
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