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Why did Saturn transform?

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Luffy is strong its just that this fight wasnt even a fight, just random running and Kizaru trying to get past Luffy whereas Luffy is trying to keep him away. I wanna see if Luffy can restart G5 again like he did against Kaido before judging.
Thing is it seems like Luffy is simply to slow in anything below G5 to keep up with Kizaru so fighting in Nika is his only option
Because Luffy ain't a bitch that run away against strong opponents and beat weaker opponents :milaugh:
That was Kizaru whole fightt run away or try to keep luffy away to kill VP.
The man try again this chapter and miss for 3rd time.
Anyone trying put down luffy having chase down world fast man to keep someone alive joking .
I don't like Kizaru's comment on G5 reaching it's limit. Idec if he restarts his heart, he'd be bending over backwards just to be relevant. Forget beating Kizaru.
He went old man mode against Kaido as well, and then restarted G5.

My main issue with that is, that's a huge weakness if G4 is truly useless against Kizaru....
I think Luffy went G5 because he was thrown away from the island and its the fastest form he has that can fly. I dont think G4 is usless its just that he switched to a higher form when it was needed at the moment.
A rookie pirate that stopped kizaru from accomplishing his mission many times
I mean, that's great... if Luffy couldn't even distract Kizaru that would be pretty bad for yonko...
And made Kziaru exhausted while being casual and kizaru is almost done
Kizaru exhausted? He's doing same shit as Luffy

Being casual? Luffy got removed from his strongest form and he and his crew are volnurable as fuck. So you want to say he's fucking around with their lives for no reason?

Kizaru is almost done? From what? Want to post a panel where it was said so?
Kizaru himself admits fs-g4 is too much for him to beat/handle
Post where he says so
Lol, so:

- Luffy runs out of G5
- looks like an old man
- Kizaru simply got punched

Btw, if one fighter uses a form that leaves him incapacitated and the other outlasts him, yes, he has won.

Against Kaido Luffy was able to come back right after, let's see now.
retarded logic.

If that's how you cope since Kizaru can't do damegt to luffy bar a bruise and can't KO Luffy
So be it

Unless Luffy ran away or tapped out or was KOed, he didn't lose to Kizaru.
Thank Oda for making g5 run out or else Kizaru will be KOed.
Being exhausted from fighting basic haki luffy (no adhaki) is bad for a top tier

Lee Ba Shou

Conqueror of the Stars
youre ignoring the entire gauntlet Kaido fought through he was quite literally ( as shown in that pic) on his last leg.
The gauntlet of what Fuji? Papercuts lmfao? Nah, Luffy took multiple clubbings from Kaido, he was objectively in far worse shape than some paper cuts.

Kaido is just a physical weakling as all despite being a Mythical Zoan wielding Oni.
Bonney can make illusions which I don't how that related to her devil fruit someone tell me it that move fire tho
She probably showed them an alternate/possible future in which they die. Likely DF related, it checks out with her powers to age into specific alternate futures.

Otherwise it's one of Vegapunk's inventions.
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