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Why did Saturn transform?

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When I see World's Strongest title on Luffy then I might believe it.
And no, the World's Strongest Pirate doesnt cut it.
Only one of the 3 individual WS titles.
It doesn't cut it because it destroys your whole idiocy.

Luffy will achieve his dreams, and his dreams involve, first, becoming the conqueror atop conquerors; and second, becoming the strongest in order to ensure freedom to his loved ones.

Sorry for you; at least you can enjoy this bastion of ZKK schizos that Worst Gen is: the only place people like you are treated as somewhat slightly better than a buffoon. In the real world you're just mocked.

told you stop quoting me
Luffy is DONE
He will not get up

He doesn't have Joy Boy's residual Haki anymore
If he gets up next chapter and recovers his breath, quote me I'll apologize and leave this forum for 2 weeks.
I'm stealing that: "told you stop quoting me".

I'm fine with Luffy not getting up next chapter as much as I'm fine with Luffy getting up. I was commenting on a manga fact but you're so tainted by your own delusions that you can't but jump like a brainless beast the moment someone confronts your made up assumptions, hence why you see me as some kind of enemy instead of simply a bringer of information.

Get better. Hope you aren't this wasted in real life.
Thing is it seems like Luffy is simply to slow in anything below G5 to keep up with Kizaru so fighting in Nika is his only option
Yeah it seems like it thats another issue, against Kaido who is an endurance tank that allows himelf to get hit he could afford fighting him in lower forms but he cant really against Kizaru.

Not that Kaido cant block or dodge his attacks ( hes shown the speed and ability to do so when he wants he just doesnt feel the need to).

Itt people expected top tiers to be carbon copies of each other that fight the same way and have the same strengths.
YOU are the assuming he is talking about Saturn when nothing in the summary suggests that, i even provided a example where you could also argue Lucci was talking after getting hit, it's simple math bro.
Pot calling the kettle black. You are making just as many assumptions as I am lmao.

Okay bro so Kizaru is talking about his personal health while falling in front of Saturn, and not at all the mission he keeps repeating every single chance he gets, including this chapter. Sure.

Guess we'll have to see with pics.
And Kizaru didn't even have the "~" in his sentence

"Kizaru is still conscious"
He missed the part Redon says "both are falling down..."
Kizaru is down from the attack while Luffy is down because of g5 time limit
(Also Luffy isn't unconscious...He turned only old)

Zenzu is coping hard
He thinks Kizaru did something here
Lizaru got fraud check @Herrera95 @Elder Lee Hung @ZenZu

No decent Haki. Teach's Haki > kizaru's Haki

Sasaki Kojirō

I knew that CHAD-YONKO Luffy would defeat Kizaru. Kizaru may come back later, just as Sentomaru did. Kizaru will do everything to accomplish his mission, or Saturno might even kill him if he fails. Then we will have Zoro vs. Kizaru. This arc serves to prove that both Zoro and Luffy can defeat an admiral, and Zoro will ultimately defeat Kizaru, just as Luffy has already done. :steef:
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