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Why did Saturn transform?

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Kitetsu Wanker
Luffy is a man not a creature. And current strongest man is Mihawk.
Humans are creatures too.
Mihawk is current WSC, WSM and WSS.
However, narrative wont give him the other 2 titles.
They will all come under Zoro's belt.

@nik87 did you predict that Oda would have Zoro waste his stamina to give his next opponent a chance?
After everything said it would be so embarrassing if a certain fight happens. :kobeha:
I didnt. I predicted that Kizaru may get tired vs Luffy and Zoro would one-shot him and throw back the same line Kizaru used at Sabaody.
He can go back into but he won't for plot reasons same way how we not see much haki for whole fight for plot reason .
Oda can do what ever he wants this like G4 SBS question when someone ask how luffy could run in WCI after G4 and Oda said he would have been able to in DR but he just let people carry him .
All this shit of endurance/Stamina don't mean shit when Oda can be inconsistent as he wants .
1. Yea he can go back and Kizaru not going to be KO eotger so idk whats the point.
2. He let them carrying him for stamina but he couldn't go G4 for 10 minutes
Hopefully for Luffy's sake, and by extension Kaidou's....Kizaru looks significantly damaged or fatigued.

Fighting G5 should not be a walk in the park after forcing it out. Luffy has been super disappointing.
Him can Came back, like against Kaidou after 10 seconds.

Still Saturn sama Save him.

Kizaru got One named move diffed or a One shotted.
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