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Why did Saturn transform?

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Lizaru got fraud check @Herrera95 @Elder Lee Hung @ZenZu

No decent Haki. Teach's Haki > kizaru's Haki
The whole "this is bad..." is him just admitting again it is bad looks for him to get damaged /weakened even more.

He already said he's at his limits if the fight continues like this, he won't succeed his mission.
So him being hit hard like that I'd bad.

Usually Kizaru speaks with "~" is his sentence to showcase his stretching speech pattern.


The only one who can beat me is me
Luffy finally managed to land a clean hit on Kizaru before gassing out and this is worth celebrating
went from base luffy ragdolling Kizaru to this in like 2 months :josad:
Kizaru has these people so traumatized they're celebrating landing a single attack, and potentially drawing blood in his strongest form lmfao.

Went from Luffy stomps to eating off scraps in a losing effort 😭
1. He didn't do his job nor did he complete his mission

2. Congrats he couldn't even take out fodder members of luffys crew

3. What power scaling? He is being protect by saturn at this point so gorosei > admirals
1. So what?? About the mission?

2. He wasn't trying too. He tap bonney and wondering where Vegapunk was for Ussop.

3. Him destroying G4 and lasting 1 round of G5


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Why tf Oda make luffy lose to kizaru and Sanji lead the charge against saturn this makes no sense lmao
And to top it off have zoro occupied with lucci for 4 chapters

So if Kizaru is in better shape than Luffy (old man) does that mean Kizaru won the fight?
Luffy looking tired from his df side effect =/= opponent winning

You don't say Kaido won round 1 vs g5 nor did he win vs ryuo-g4 even tho both times Luffu ran out of gears and was exhausted
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