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Why did Saturn transform?

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Please support Zoro. I'm begging you. At least have faith in him.
I feel your grasp over language is not the best
I am 100% sure Zoro will beat Lucci

But I am telling you Luffy is so down bad right now, that Zoro will have to literally lose to Lucci to keep Zoro and Luffy debate alive. Once Zoro wins, Zoro > Luffy is basically cemented as a fact as Luffy officially and undebatably lost to Lucci.

Sasaki Kojirō

Beating G5 means K.O.ing luffy in that state. This is Luffy's G5 time limit clicking in.
Kizaru didn't even land a hit on Luffy, man, and didn't even dominate G5 Luffy once. Oda is basically saying that Luffy is in worse condition not because Kizaru left him that way, but because his ability comes at a cost... Overall, Gear 5 is > Kizaru, and Oda is showing that without a time limit, he defeats Kizaru, while Kaido was making G5 Luffy see stars.
Not when Haki is used. This is elementary Fuji lmfao. Like this is literally the first thing Rayleigh teaches us about Haki is that Haki counters Devil Fruit powers
Brother, I implore you to reread the fight once G5 happened. Kaido was landing hits but they were doing next to nothing, then Kaido sent air slashes at him and commented the following '' I assume cutting attacks still work on you'' emphasis on still here because he had noticed that blunt attacks werent working on Luffy well even with haki applied.
retarded logic.

If that's how you cope since Kizaru can't do damegt to luffy bar a bruise and can't KO Luffy
So be it

Unless Luffy ran away or tapped out or was KOed, he didn't lose to Kizaru.
Thank Oda for making g5 run out or else Kizaru will be KOed.
Being exhausted from fighting basic haki luffy (no adhaki) is bad for a top tier
Yeah, very retarded lol.

One is KO and the other isn't: no, the one who is not KO hasn't won lol.

Peak retard, I have to admit.
Kizaru after taking the punch: "Ohhh this is bad~"

Still talking in troll dialect, still conscious.

Luffy: Gassed out raisin form.

Verdict according to Yonkou fans: Kizaru lost

🤣 Y'all fucked up, all of y'all owe Kizaru an apology. Simple as that. He made Luffy look like a rookie again for most of egghead. I forgot that man was a Yonkou.
That’s just how Kizaru speaks lol
About the same amount of time it took him to restart it against Kaido, a few seconds.
Nah not going to happen we need to keep Kizaru and luffy out of focus so Oda can move other things forward .
This not like luffy vs Kaido final round fight where everything else was finish .
Oda just show us a elder for the first time he going cook with other stuff for a while which happens every arc.
Admiral fans are happy as if Luffy is unconscious and can't restart g5 lol

Admiral fans became like Doffy fans
"But ...g4 ran our, doffy got up"
Being rocked around and saved by plot (g4/g5) running out isn't a Win unless you actually were on your feet when Luffy's g4/g5 runs out
Speedreaders, ignore these clowns, he can get himself ready to face Saturn if needed.

He fucking pulled a Bajrang gun an instant after turning into an old man.

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