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Why did Saturn transform?

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1. So what?? About the mission?

2. He wasn't trying too. He tap bonney and wondering where Vegapunk was for Ussop.

3. Him destroying G4 and lasting 1 round of G5
1. Yes yes and yes. He couldn't take out luffyz couldn't kill vegapunk, couldn't save the hostage that luffy and co had

2 yes which is dumb since he could have used those two as hostages to distract luffy so he could kill vegapunk. So he was either being retarded or luffy was to strong to allow him to do that.

3. Destroy? He simply hit luffy in g4 once lol. Infact that move that luffy in g5 used against Lucci (which was the same move he used against kaido) is what takes out kizaru this chapter lol

Apparently this is the same move he knocked kizaru with lol
Admiral fans are happy as if Luffy is unconscious and can't restart g5 lol

Admiral fans became like Doffy fans
"But ...g4 ran our, doffy got up"
Being rocked around and saved by plot (g4/g5) running out isn't a Win unless you actually were on your feet when Luffy's g4/g5 runs out
Where was Luffy rocking around Kizaru apart from the last hit?
Kizaru didn't even land a hit on Luffy, man, and didn't even dominate G5 Luffy once. Oda is basically saying that Luffy is in worse condition not because Kizaru left him that way, but because his ability comes at a cost... Overall, Gear 5 is > Kizaru, and Oda is showing that without a time limit, he defeats Kizaru, while Kaido was making G5 Luffy see stars.
Kizaru looks pretty bad if he is down already.
Kizaru after taking the punch: "Ohhh this is bad~"

Still talking in troll dialect, still conscious.

Luffy: Gassed out raisin form.

Verdict according to Yonkou fans: Kizaru lost

🤣 Y'all fucked up, all of y'all owe Kizaru an apology. Simple as that. He made Luffy look like a rookie again for most of egghead. I forgot that man was a Yonkou.
Nobody owes him an apology lol, especially if he actually did get seriously injured by this shit.
After hyping kizaru and admirals to have better AP, haki, endurance and stamina than BM and Kaido :
  • Kizaru can't KO nerfed Sentomaru completely
  • Can't beat Bonney
  • Can't damage Luffy...only a bruise so far
  • Kizaru exhausted after 40 min battle from basic g4/g5 attacks.
  • Kizaru ending the battle on the floor claiming "this is bad"
Amazing superiority over Yonko indeed
Saturn being wounded by Bonney basically confirms that he isn't as durable as Kaido, but I'm still excited that a mythical Zoan has overshadowed the Logia of light in an arc that was supposed to be the Logia Devil Fruit's hype.
Hilarious 360.

Reads Summary, makes up some headcanon scene and tries to act cool lol
Dude....Redon writes in story format. If you follow his summary, the dialogue from Kizaru implies its for Saturn. The whole fucking chapter is named after Saturn. Literally every major character pauses when he gives an order.

Luffy and Kizaru are falling RIGHT in front Saturn as Kizaru talks.

You: "Its not about Saturn bro".
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