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Why did Saturn transform?

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Koh is just the overuse of haki
KoH is overflowing haki combined with ACoC. Both are needed.

Once again, hear the facts showing overflowing CoA haki. That is not ACoC.
Wrong. Smoke or flames have never been associated with ACoC.

The manga told us the first time Zoro used enma what the smoke mean. It just means he's flowing an overwhelming amount of CoA haki to his sword(s).

It has nothing to do with the strength or hardness of his CoA haki.

The different color of the flames/smoke tells us whether Zoro is one in 100% control or not. Green flames/smoke means Zoro is it 100% control. Purple flames/smoke means enma is forced some of his CoA haki out.
It's time for people for to accept manga facts, even when they don't like it.
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