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Why did Saturn transform?

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you wish, bozo lmao

The attack is literally called "star gun" meaning those stars are from Gooffy and not Kizaru

Meanwhile Kekdo went white eye'd from a weaker attack
Those star is the effect of luffy attack on person they not from him .
It's like saying his lufft fire fist don't burn the person it hits .
Coming back for what? Oda doesn't want to draw his ass, he has Bonney for that. :suresure:
Goofy doesn't defeat his opps before his underlings lol.

So let's wait until zoro extreme diffs lucci. Kizaru will still be fighting goofy until that happens.
Did you see Kizaru after he's sent crushing? No
So where did you see him being fine after sent down?

Having stars around your head means g5 affected you.
And kizaru trolling with his slow-ass way of talking means it didn't affect him that much.

Remember last chapter when goofy grabbed him and threw him? This is just like that lol.

Goofy is worse for wear in his fight against kizaru than kizaru is.
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