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Why did Saturn transform?

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Anybody who actually read One Piece for some time would know this is not how Oda draws an actual finish lol.
If any it looks like Luffy is the one who is clearly out right now
Anyone that read OP know that Oda don't also off screen most of luffy fights but here we are .
They also know that Oda will find time to stall luffy and have his opponent do something else which also seem not to be happening .
Since had both them apart for now .
This really not like the usual OP arc to even fact we get 10 chapter out side looking at the world .
Why is it hard to accept that Admirals=Yonko?
And yonko fans keep on coping using Kaido as standard when not all emperors have the same stats. Keeping on comparing Kizaru and Kaido tanking hits.

That fact that Luffy and Kizaru is at stalemate means in general, Yonko=Admirals

No one here even the Shanks fans think he can tank all hits that Kaido took lol.
They all have different builds, doesnt mean they cant be on the same level with each other
Admiral fans definitely don’t be using Kaido standard right?:suresure:
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