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Why did Saturn transform?

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These are bruises from a fight with two seraphim, cry bitch. Zoro with two swords and no bandana against the awakened guchi.:gokulaugh:
It's pathetic that ZBOYS have to use a piece of clothing for hyping him now lol.
It's crazy how ZTARDS hype Zoro for little or no reason. And they slander Oda and one piece after their head cannon goes in the mud like ZKK,ZKK2.0, LUCCI ONE SHOT.
With bandana or no bandana doesn't mean shit it has got nothing to do with Zoro's power:milaugh::milaugh::milaugh:
If Kizaru is down after one ACoC attack when weve seen Kaido eating hundreds of those then idk what to say. Hes fine. Probably not too damaged if at all.
let see how thing can fold out:
Luffy last panel is falling next to Saturn (warn out)
Kizaru too is pushed against a building but he is not done
Saturn has to end Vegapunk

Now there are 2 jollies: Mega Mecha Robot and Kuma

Knowing Loda, Luffy will have definitely a clash with Saturn (not fully fledge fight) that leave Kizaru for something else (hopefully a clash with Zoro after he is done with with Lucci)

Now, which jolly will safe the strawhats this time: I would put my money with Kuma (he will go down like Garp) protecting Bonney and the strawhat by staling Kizaru&Saturn and die after.

The huge mecha robot will help clearling all the CP0x cyborg fighting for the marines
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