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Why did Saturn transform?

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He turned himself several times before hitting Kizaru to build momentum
I think you're actually in denial if you don't think this punch look massively more powerful lol
Oh then I was wrong but I dont think its massively more powerful.

Also you said that the move Luffy used on Kizaru was more powerful then anything else bar BG, this is false:

, you never stick your nose in when a Yonko wankers is spewing utter nonsense
I do.
Go cry with somebody else, I'm not interested into group coping. Ask an admiral fan to do that with you.
lmao bitch, got no arguments?
Then he send out Kizaru to do a job which he fail and Saturn decide say fuck it he do it him self .
Plus Kizaru not being good protection if Saturn already taking a stab lol .
as Kizaru said, nika yonko is distracting him, so he's both protecting Saturn from Nika and trying to assassinate vegapunk

Why you crying for Kizaru not low diffing Nika? I thought you said yonko are supposed to be strong.
WSC slayer...

Which Yonko is incapable of doing anything to an Admiral in his strongest form for 20 mins? :milaugh:
You haven’t answered my question, the way you’re responding it feels like I’ve aimed something at zoro but that’s not even the case

Who was the strongest Yonko, who ended up slaying that Yonko?
I’m waiting for the strongest Yonko to faze an Admiral it’s been what? 5+ chapters of the Admiral telling Yonko to fuck off out of his way?
That same yonko made admiral fail his job 3 times and made his boss come out so i say the yonko did okay .
If some people thought this was a fight luffy would win in short time that crazy .
The Yonko is one that did his goal well maybe not now with Saturn showing up lol .
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