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Why did Saturn transform?

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Kaido literally had issues standing up and had to take a knee when Luffy was restarting G5. Also are you one of those people that believe G5 doesnt heal luffy?
Nope I don’t think he gets healed as he’ wouldn’t need a week or two break

I don’t think he regains natural energy either, but whatever energy he has left in his store box is used and to pay for the testosterone boost he gets midway

and we know he gasses out, if he could regenerate he would’ve been a beast and had unlimited potential.
That same yonko made admiral fail his job 3 times and made his boss come out so i say the yonko did okay .
If some people thought this was a fight luffy would win in short time that crazy .
The Yonko is one that did his goal well maybe not now with Saturn showing up lol .
This isn’t about doing your job bro, we’re talking about performing in powerscaling
You think multiple ones of those hits are weaker then the one hit Kizaru was hit by? Okay then.

Also I am sure Kizaru will be fine if not just a little but damaged. This is the first real ACoC hit he took and I expect him to shake it off. After all, Kaido ate a hundred of ACoC hits through the fight.
I don't know about the multiple hits, I was referring to the punch Kaido took to the head (like Kizaru this chapter) at the end of 1045. My point is mostly that if Kaido took "White star Gun" to the head he'd be sent flying/sent lying on his ass too.
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