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Why did Saturn transform?

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So Luffy dogs Saturn right? As cool as Saturn being OP would be, that then destroys any semblance of a balance of powers (unless the Marines are somehow hostile to the WG).

It's already strange that they don't send 2 admirals at the same Yonko with some dudes, but for them to also have 5 Yonko level dudes? Nah. Bonney even cuts him, and at minimum Kaido/Big Mom wouldn't have been cut.
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We might not be talking about the same panel. There are five panels, four at the top and one at the bottom.

You can see in Upper right panel is showing Kizaru firing laser while upper left panel is showing Kizaru is blocking. Arm is visible but not his hand.
I understand now, but I think that pose is just the same pose with Kizaru's arms crossed before firing other lasers.
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