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Why did Saturn transform?

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I still wanna see Luffytards coping with Luffy used no Advanced haki lol
If anything this show us he was not using it before which people were bitching about.
Cause Oda went out his way to show luffy using ACoC haki in gear 5 for first time since we on egghead .
This something people were bitching about for both Zoro and luffy .
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Bonney is Xdrake , Apoo tier
According to fucking what? Headcanon? Bonnie got pushed through a barrier just like Luffy people need to stop the cap about Kizaru going oh so easy on her. And despite this she is still wounding the same guy who got glazed by Oda more than any character before.

Start putting more respect on this woman for fucks sake. He even had a "reaction shot" from everybody with Saturn yet Bonnie is the first one to wound him. That elevates her above dudes like X-Drake, no matter how you slice it.
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