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Why did Saturn transform?

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You can cry since you don't even know the panels are not in order. Sanji just can't catch a dub with yall goofballs. Cry me some more river . Sanji vrs saturn is set . Now go and complain to oda
You got the wrong dude man. I'm not a Sanji fan, I'm a Luffy fan. It's just that I don't read the story with extreme bias. You can love both Sanji and Zoro. Don't need to shit on one to make the other one look good.
Really impactfull.

Outside of any agenda, seems much more heavy than this:

Kaido ended up tanking a gatling of this move later on
So w
I didn't notice this before, but Luffy's punch is covered by fire.

I think this is Gear 5 version of Hawk/Roc Rifle.

@GUI @nik87
Puffy giving it his all and Kizaru doesn't even get a bloody nose lmao.

Inflated punch + aCoC + flames (red hawk/roc?)
Did you see Kizaru face after being blown away?
The dude himself is already whining it's bad when the attack connected
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