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Why did Saturn transform?

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Nah they here to kidnap S-Snake then dip. That’s the only thing that teach wanted that he knew would be on that island.

BB already gave up on it. That whole Amazon lily stunt was just to introduce the seraph, an update on Boa, and for BB to kidnap Koby's pink ass.

I seriously doubt BB would want Boa's fruit this much lol. He has a Mythical zoan I Saturn just up front. If he sees him, he's gonna take him.
Yeah. Honestly it might not be a devil fruit, maybe Imu just has the ability to make men into monsters like this
I'm pretty sure it is a devil fruit, remember back during Wano people were saying the same thing about Kaido.

Some people thought that Kaido didn't have a devil fruit and then later on it was confirmed that he did have it.

It's basically the same thing all over again, where some are assuming that Saturn and the other Elders don't have devil fruits.

Also if it wasn't for the blame flame ring around Saturn then sure maybe that theory could possible, but the fact that Saturn has a black flame ring around him just like Lucci and Kaku just proves that he is a devil fruit user.

Only other possibility that Saturn's devil fruit power actually came from Imu and not from the fruit itself but highly doubt that.
This chapter does confirm that most of the Marines seem to know that Saturn is a fighter and despite Saturn being a fighter, they still sent Kizaru as a bodyguard for him.

Saturn I'm pretty sure is going to be very powerful fighter, heck he's already an awakened Mythical Zoan.

However Kizaru is still stronger, there is a reason why they had him be sent as Saturn's bodyguard and there is also reason why he's fighting Luffy.
This isn't an argument since Admirals protect CDs
Has nothing to do admirals > Gorosei
I'm still needs protection deosite being above them all
Zoro vs Lucci:
  • Zoro didn't tie his bandana
  • Zoro isn't using three swords
  • Zoro hasn't used any named attack (or any attack for that matter)
  • Zoro isn't using Haoshoku coating

Zoro is occupied with Lucci, yes, but it doesn't give off the vibes of Zoro's main arc fight.

As for Luffy vs Borsalino, it's yet to be seen if the fight will resume. Luffy punched Borsalino away, and Borsalino never intended to fight Luffy. Now that Saturn has come to kill Vegapunk personally, will Borsalino resume fighting with Luffy? I doubt it.
zoro is using KOH and used 3 swords last chapter, lucci also didnt use named attack or haki, keep living in delusion :risitexcla:
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