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Why did Saturn transform?

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Jesus Christ, you're actually the most pāthetic human being on the planet.

And I mean this in a not trolling or even insulting way because I'm quite concerned, are you actually retarded?

This level of delusion should be impossible.

Luffy didn't protect or save his crew, not fuçking once.

He didn't protect or save Usopp, he sure as hell didn't protect Franky Brook and Nami.

All of them are quite literally alive because Kizaru has no interest in killing them.

Kizaru dropped Usopp by his own will, Luffys power had nothing to do with it.

Seriously Pringles, how was something this retarded birthed into this world?
I will ignore this completely unnecessary insulting shitpost. Don't ever quote me again, I don't want to talk to you.

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I hate spiders......:whitepress:
Lmao same, my aracnophobia is going WILD lol. A former close friend of mine, once randomly sent me a gif of a spider "shedding its shell" or w/e, was one of the most grossest and horrifying things I've seen lol. Almost threw up instantly. I also struggle playing a lot of games like some RPGs or Resident Evil due to this. RE1 Remake was legit NIGHTMARE FUEL in this regard. I also struggle with this in Harry Potter stuff due to Aragog too naturally.

The worst is when people let spiders crawl on them or worse into their mouths... *vomits hard* lol.

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Lmao that gif in your sig is extremely fitting there.
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