Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1095 Spoilers Discussion

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I hate to say this but what happened is the best way to be Saturn's hypetool. He is using a mysterious broken power that hits everyone looking at him. Saturn showing how monstrous he really is is obviously welcomed. And as you say, Sanji will be the one to break it and save Bonney so it's a fine outcome I guess:kayneshrug:

We can't ignore this umpteenth attack to our boy tho. I hereby declare Oda the Clown of the 4 Ls, one for each time he failed us. Welcome CL⁴oda :steef:


Kizaru can't move and apologise to Saturn. He lost the fight and is down
He isn't down , He apologizes for not being able to kill Vegapunk. Read properly , both of them are only concerned about vegapunk.
He didn't loose any fight. He didn't even attack Luffy properly , he was trying to kill Vegapunk where Luffy who took everything he has is down can't even talk and Is being carried around.
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