Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1095 Spoilers Discussion

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So Kizaru not even being KO'd and temporarily paralyzed is a W?
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So if temporary paralysis is a W why didn't Kaido lose to the scabbards?
Bitch when did I say kizaru gonna be KO if anything I said he wasn’t 🤣🤣
Now let’s talk about how a fresh kizaru took a single coc attack and can’t move 💀
To make it worse he apologized
3 realms from kaido kills kizaru
Also Saturn called him slow 😭
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My guess is that Kizaru is just lying on the ground but he is still conscious as we know, that doesn't mean he's unable to move.

Remember that statement was from Redon, unless Kizaru actually states that he's able to move.

It's best to wait until we see pics and see what Kizaru says.
Yeah Im waiting for the pics, perhaps hes just on the ground but since hes not moving Redon is assuming he's unable to.
Oh man, this chapter does a lot.

Kuma having this bloodline essentially confirms he's likely not die here and be of focus in Elbaf. Not only that, but his motivation to "be" like Nika could actually inspire him to live and follow the crew forward

Idk man, Im getting strong strawhat vibes from all of this. Just the way the story is being told and the fact that this dance almost even feels like his dream just fits nicely with what you look for in a crew member.
I'd expect Bonney to join the crew & essentially inherit Kuma's will/dream. And then hopefully in or after the Final War, we'll get to somehow see Kuma back to normal and a reunion between him and Bonney

Then they'll probably have a tag team fight lol
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