Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1095 Spoilers Discussion

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You read the summary? Seems he's not even temporarily unconscious like most thought he would be (including me), he's talking to Saturn.

Admiral fans are happy I guess idk I haven't followed the discussion since this isn't a powerscaling chapter? It was obvious to me he wasn't gonna stay down for too long from that punch.

Looks like Oda just wanted to give the fight a fake stalemate until he progressed the story. I think we can all agree Luffy looks really bad after round 1.
No wonder Lucci considers Kizaru almost his equal :handsup: =>
Oda always with the hax abilities against Sanji

I mean, how do you even avoid that shit?

Sanji dodges lasers for breakfast, travels 2 whole floors to save Nami, Edson, Bonney, and gets hit like that.

Can't sleep on Saturn :crazwhat:
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