Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1095 Spoilers Discussion

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Lmfao bingo. Mans are tagging me here like anything significant happened ๐Ÿ˜‚, wasting my time.

Kizaru a speed based fighter just tanked Luffy's strongest attack outside BG, and that's supposed to be some game changing detail.

The fight was just a warmup and Kizaru might have established only G5 can fight him. That's just in warmup state.

So far Kizaru seems like a better fighter than Kaidou, simply off the fact that base and g2 Luffy could be relevant against Kaidou but G4 seemed irrelevant so far. But I think that's only because Kaidou could afford to eat a lot more attacks, being a tank build, so he suffered from that.

I think eventually Luffy may start to solve Kizaru as well and then Kaidou might look decent in retrospect.

I understand the frustration from a lot of Yonkou fans because they did not expect this in the least, most thought G5 would be too overwhelming and G4 would be enough. Instead what they got was G4 being treated very badly, and then G5 gassing out just trying to keep up with an unfocused Kizaru. The implications behind that scare a lot of people that's all. We all know what's coming.
This is really sad lol.
What's it going to take for y'all to admit Kizaru is inferior? He's already temporarily paralyzed.
Do you want Luffy to slap him with his nut sack and then Kizaru's entire body combusts from the shockwave?
This is what being agenda brained does to you kids. It impedes you from looking at the story beats in favor of powerscaling everything.
I am actually looking at the paneling and the portrayal, not the power scaling.

I'd actually throw it back at you. It's your pro-Luffy/Yonko bias from a power-level standpoint that is distorting your view, not the story.

Is is really THAT crazy to say Kizaru and Luffy are probably gonna be up at the same time lol
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