Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1095 Spoilers Discussion

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Luffy’s incapacitated, this is a literal stalemate. Add in the fact that Kizaru never tried to seriously injure Luffy the entire fight. It’s really not that bad, Luffy’s even in a more vulnerable state if you ask me. Franky can make him bleed right now.
Just stop please

It's not stalemate. Did Kizaru knock Luffy down? No it was g5 time limit
Kizaru is down due to the punch. He lost round 1 just like Doffy lost round 1 then KOed one-shot in round 2 vs G4
Honestly, if we got 3-4 arcs with the rest of the Gorosei as the main antagonists, I would completely love it.

I think @JoNdule had the idea that all the Gorosei would get paired up with admirals in some arcs (like Topman with Akainu, Nusujuro with Issho, Aramaki with Ju Peter).

Have Ju Peter and Aramaki be in Elbaf, have Marcus and Sengoku interfere in the Blackbeard vs Red Hair fight, have Nusujuro and Issho take on the Cross Guild and underworld, and have Topman and Sakazuki fight the Revolutionary Army together.

@DarkWitch @Paperchampion23
I don't know if we will get that, since I still believe that Oda is going to wait until the final war to showcase the rest.

But if we do get that, then yeah that would be really cool to see.:shocking:

Also the team ups I can totally see.
When Roger found Shank in God Valley he was roughly a year old. Considering he still has access to booze of his hometown and God Valley had been erased long ago, I guess he was born in some other island at West Blue.
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