Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1095 Spoilers Discussion

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Not exactly for powerscaling

But just in terms of lore

every character we meet nowadays is Sun God believer and wanker. Now we see these Figarland guys seemingly wank the Moon specifically

Rocks had no reason to come to god valley if his actual goal was to conqueror the world like the Gov said. So what was his actual motives
Imu is the moon god now? I thought it would make sense if he's related to the sea Umi, and Earth instead.


Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything
So Ryokugyu doesn't have a black blade
I take my L on this one.
I will not change my opinion from the fact that it looked identitical to a black blade in B&W though.

What makes no sense though that it has the color of a generic non-hardened katana, not even wooden blade like some predicted. Did he manually coat his blade in COA even though he was not using it :kaidowhat:
He used coa on his finger too
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