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Deadly stare :snoopy:

Only heard about the poison abilities,shapeshifting and curse/disease abilities of Ushi Onis .
Where did you have that from?
From wiki:

Legend says when a hiker or traveler makes eye contact with the ushi-oni, the person cannot avert his or her gaze. The person's soul or energy is drained and he or she dies. This is called "Kage wo kuu (影を食う)" or sometimes "Kage wo nomu (影を飲む)", which translates to "eating the shadow" or "drinking the soul".[7][8]

Now this is in the legend, Oda can obviously make a few changes to the deadly stare and it's use. Also both this chapter with Bonney and the last chapter with the marine Oda clearly tried to show Saturn's demonic eyes
It's speculation that Aramaki wasn't using hardening on his sword when we see him use it on his branches.

There's still some chance because Aramaki hasn't used his sword in battle yet, but it is weird that despite seeing him in combat on three occasions, we've never seen him use his sword.

Aramaki clearly isn't a swordsman, so him having a Black Blade would be somewhat surprising.

I had come around to Aramaki having a Black Blade before today, but now, I'm leaning towards it just being hardening in that panel.
You still entertaining him? :kobeha:


Heavy Metal
These 5 Elders seem surprisingly incompetent for how they display themselve and present their position. They couldnt kill/catch Sabo, let him get away with another witness and Vivi, they have no idea where they went.
Now Saturn cant catch/kill an Luffy which is unable to move. So much for killing Nika.
They couldnt find a DF in about 800 years?

What have they get done successfully till now? Except for hiring Shanks D. Snitch?
Ryuma's kokuto was forged black through a history of battles.

It's not merely that Aramaki is not a true swordsman, but that Aramaki hasn't been using his sword period.
That doesn’t mean anything when characters like roger and whitebeard don’t have black blades. So fighting a lot isn’t all you need to do

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t use it. It was never said you need to only fight using your weapon all the time to make it black
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