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One thing is certain, all of the Elders had the eternal youth surgery performed on them at some point considering that Saturn didnt age one bit since God Valley.
Kizaru being unable to move is obviously a plot stalling device so SHs minus Zoro, Luffy and Jinbe dont have to deal with 2 top tiers, however, it is still a bad look for Admiral gang.
I expected Admirals on average to not be those guys but this is worse than expected... I had high hopes for Kizaru, we will see what he can do once stalling is over but it doesnt look promising...
Never thought I'd see the day that Nik ignores an opportunity to shit on Luffy:crazwhat:
a general question do you still think that luffy final fight was or still is kizaru? (I saw so many people pushing that cover page with luffy/kizaru to proof that luffy final fight is Kizaru)

So I am asking to you still believe that Kizaru is Luffy final fight`? or was :suresure: cuz Kizaru is done?
Nothing changes because Luffy couldn't tag in the first place
This is toon force power whether you like it or not
Toon force + an internal attack like Laws Shock Wille. Perhaps Ryou too.

Anyhow. Saturns comment "humans" make me think he isn't one. I guess this is Skypiea 2.0. All the rulers are of another race I suppose.

Imu = Enel = God
4 priests + Yama = 5 Gorosei
Announcer: Otototo!! Please wait a moment, Saint Garling!! That a false start!!
CD attendance: wahahaha
CD announcer: Oh my, the native King of God Valley has been slain!!
CD announcer: The title favorite Saint Garling is penalized -100 points!!!

Garling: I prefer a handicap like that.
Textbox: God's Knights, Saint Figarland Garling

He is built different.
Yes that is the normal when you lose
Calm your tits, Pinzorosis

Instead of base Sanji not being able to move to Saturn's bs Devil fruit power,
you should worry about Pinzoro going all out not being able to get past a mere CP0 worker
Kaido fought against goffy who could use G5 three times more time than egg goffy and even that kaido was Nerf. Stop kaido is another level than the admirals
Goffy in Kaido fight was near death from Kaido's sucker punch
and he was still able to talk and even go Gear 5 2nd round

while fully healthy Gooffy couldn't go 2nd round after Kizaru
he couldn't even move nor talk, unlike vs Kaido
It looks like G5 is similar to G3 where he always has a draw back after using it.
So Luffy turning into an old man is not an indication that he went all out.
All of the gears have drawbacks. And excessive haki usage also have a huge drawback. That is why Zoro and Luffy handled Lucci and Kizaru the way they did - they knew of the drawbacks and tried to win without immobilizing themselves in case of reinforcements arriving. We've known this for months and years.
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