Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1095 Spoilers Discussion

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Thing is, Kizaru KNEW that luffy was gonna run out of g5 immediately. He even said so last chapter.

So, he's resting cause he did his job of subduing the enemy leader.

It's a W. Albeit a bit rough one
Kizaru is dizzy from WSG, it is what it is. He still looks much better than Luffy and the fact he's touching his head show he's not literally paralyzed lol. He'll get his ass up when he needs to (like protecting Saturn from Nika)
What a chapter; Begs the question, why isnt Bonney unusually strong like her father? Cause shes a child?

I expected a little more from Sanji. lol

Kuma needs a redemption arc before he dies. Bro had it rough. I hope he can be free in his last moments.

Young Fingarland Garling looks familiar. Shanks must be a Tenryuubito. I wonder where Mihawk ties into all of this. I can't wait for his back story.

Saturn has a lot of faith in Borsalino; unfortunately for Jay, Kizaru will have another unusual moment, because something happened. :steef:
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