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Kitetsu Wanker
I would like to say that Kizaru will look better and will tank more attacks when his fight with Luffy continues...
...however, his fight vs Luffy is over and he aint tanking Zoro's attacks.
Temporarily down from one healing punch of "Godfy top1"...

At least, portrayal-wise, he looks better than Akainu who was temporarily down from 2 punches from Deathbeard.
However, downed by one punch of the guy who beats people through damage accumulation...
It is even worse considering his potential for having an invincible state...
>Oda: I will draw Admirals with utmost respect :crazwhat:
Whatever Oda says in an interview, assume the complete opposite.
So looking at the RAWS, once Saturns blood disappears:

Are all unable to move except for Frankys mechanical parts. And another cyborg is on their way to save Bonney as well.

Seems like Saturns power isn’t that effective on robotics, wonder what this could mean… @Cinera
To be fair Luffy and Kizaru are more unable to move due to their fight not Saturn.
BM was missing buccaneers (kuma is the last one standing), giants (cause she has beef with them) and lunarians (king , probably others are still around too)
What are York and Atlas? They aren't big enough to be giants.

Their bodies were genetically engineered, cloned or they were repurposed/reprogrammed. Where would Vegapunk take those genetic samples from? Maybe from Kuma.

York and Atlas are buccaneers.
No other Agenda has slandered the Gorosei more than the Admirals, so you are 100% correct. They deserve this humbling. Akainu has people literally make up facts about him via fake magazine translations that claim him to be the strongest marine in history. No other Agenda is this toxic or goes this far, besides maybe only Shanks-stans via their whole "golden haki" shit they tried to pull.

They have shouted it from the rooftops! "These old guys are non-combatants!" then after they were revealed to have devil fruits? "Lol, he gonna fight Vegapunk! Kizaru the old guys bodyguard!" which now has morphed into "lol, Bonnie stabbed him, he YC level at best"

Well, after this chapter? What the FUCK are you Admiral fanboys all going to say now huh? The guy is now CONFIRMED immortal, eye-diffs Sanji, and then talks down to your golden boy Kizaru like he is a little kid! Which to him? He probably fucking is!

Nah, I am done. If Akainu had DARED to start shit during his last meeting with the Gorosei? They would have neg-diffed him in a 1V5!
You are delusional, kid, go outside and don't sit on forums, it's bad for your health.
My Nïgga in Christ, Kizaru is quite literally fine and undamaged physically.

Saturn even insinuates there is another reason entirely and why he understands him, clearly Vegapunk.

Luffy is fuçking comatose and needs to be saved by Franky, not even Kaido could push Luffy to this state after giving so many hits.

How you think in any possible way that this is bad for the Admirals is beyond me, like truly.

How is this bad for Kizaru?
Kizaru is literally SHAKING while stating he can't move, Luffy is oldman because he always will be when Gear 5 runs out.
Kizaru didn't push Luffy to anything lmao
Kizaru paralyzed and shaking after an adcoc punch, I doubt Oda would give that kind of representation to Shanks or Mihawk.

Have you ever imagined what a lethal attack like Ashura that left a scar on the legendary and monstrous Kaidou would do to Kizaru's head? I would get her out of there.

We need to reevaluate what attacks could put down an Admiral, I can see Zoro's generic ACoC attacks doing serious damage to them, Kaido puts them in a coma with mid-high end moves, it's really no wonder that even Whitebeard near death was capable of two shotting Akainu at this point.
People seem to forget that Luffy had other fights before fighting Kizaru. He even used G5 before. You really think he was full energy? I'm not trying to say he didn't go all out on the attack that defeated Kizaru, but him being so exhausted after fighting him is hardly exclusively the admiral's merit.

Also, narratively I can see why Oda would want to prevent a Nika x Gorosei happening now. Luffy out of juice is simply convenient too.
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