Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1095 Spoilers Discussion

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So looking at the RAWS, once Saturns blood disappears:

Are all unable to move except for Frankys mechanical parts. And another cyborg is on their way to save Bonney as well.

Seems like Saturns power isn’t that effective on robotics, wonder what this could mean… @Cinera
Maybe in some of the panels if you look carefully there's those weird flames probably of magical properties because of his zoan probably he redirects them with his gaze or idk.
They clowned Kid for losing eaisky to enraged serious Yonko Shanks named attack

Look at a top tier being down and apologising in shame after one serious named attack from Yonko Luffy

I guess Admirals aren't worth 3B, they're 2B max
Am I doing it right?

Sasaki Kojirō

We need to reevaluate what attacks could put down an Admiral, I can see Zoro's generic ACoC attacks doing serious damage to them, Kaido puts them in a coma with mid-high end moves, it's really no wonder that even Whitebeard near death was capable of two shotting Akainu at this point.
Not only is Kaidou's resistance and durability levels above that of an admiral, Kaidou's offensive power and speed are better, much better.

Kaidou also has FS, and has the ability to block a named attack from Snakeman Luffy as Hydra without using his FS, with FS he dodged everyone and counterattacked.

Kizaru's perception and speed of reacting is on par with Kaidou without FS, Kaidou with FS easily surpasses him.
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